Booking an online meeting with the Architectural Advisory team

If you’re in the planning stages of designing a new fireplace, you may wish to speak to our Architectural Advisory team. The team are on hand offering product introduction and training, case studies and one-on-one specification consultations, all via Zoom.

Book in now to be allocated to a team member best suited to your needs. Or, if you already know who you’d like to speak to – book in with them directly via their booking pages below.

 If your need is not met with these options please get in contact on or give us a call. 

Escea Feature: Richard Miller

Richard Miller.

E: M: +64 27 836 7711
Free Ph: 0800 173 000  Book an appointment time with Richard here

Escea Feature: Matthew Cuffe

Matthew Cuffe.

E: M: +64 27 5067 699
Free Ph: 0800 173 000  Book an appointment time with Matt here

Escea Feature: Michael Gawthrop

Michael Gawthrop.

E: M: +64 211 581 265
Free Ph: 0800 173 000 Book an appointment time with Michael here

Escea Feature: Project Specification

Project Specification.

Book a one-on-one meeting with an Architectural Advisor to discuss your project, and how best to specify an Escea fireplace into your design.

Escea Feature: Product Introduction and Training

Product Introduction and Training.

Gain insight into the Escea product range and learn what makes Escea’s fireplaces so special.

Escea Feature: CPD Provider

CPD Provider.

If you’re a registered architect you can earn CPD points while you learn more about Escea fireplaces. 

Escea Feature: Case Studies

Case Studies.

Let the Architectural Advisory team guide you through real-life case studies for common applications of Escea Fireplace Specifications. From concept to installation.

To get in touch with our team for assistance please email