Architectural Advisory service in Australia

Escea takes a client-focused, collaborative approach to working with architects. It’s why we have a dedicated Architectural Advisory (AA) team. Our advisors are on hand to discuss how architects and builders can advance their client’s goals, and ultimately come up with a solution that truly fits their client’s lives.

We know that keeping up with the ever-changing specs of hundreds of products can be daunting and time consuming. The technical design specifications of a fireplace can make it an intensive process.

We can help with that

The Architectural Advisory (AA) team can work with plans and specifications to ensure smooth project planning. With early input, the team can address issues such as heating capacity, duct and flue runs in the concept stage of the design.

The Escea advisory team can visit your practice for a presentation or general consultation; or even a more hands-on technical design consultation. They are also available to help point you in the right direction for architectural downloads, including 2D and 3D documents, technical materials and Masterspec.

For advice involving non-standard installations, the team works closely with Escea engineers to ensure you have a compliant working solution. All AA consultation is complimentary.

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