Inside the home of interior designer Nina Maya

Inside the home of interior designer Nina Maya

When New South Wales-based interior designer Nina Maya became her own client and embarked on an enormous home renovation project of her own – Escea was excited to be invited to share the journey and sit down with Nina to chat about the inspiration behind her living area and new Escea fireplace.

Hi Nina, Can you describe what the living room was like before your renovation journey, and how you envisaged a fireplace would transform this space?

Before the renovation, the living room was a very cold, uninviting space cut off from the rest of the living areas. I wanted a fireplace that would both heat and open the space up to the rest of the living areas.

What drew you to the Escea DS1400 double-sided gas fireplace, and the Logs fuelbed?

The Escea DS1400 is my favourite fireplace on the market. I love its sleek minimal look, and because it’s double-sided you can create a warm cosy space - but still be visually connected to the rest of the home. I adore the look of the Log fuelbed. The logs have such an authentic ambience and make the fire seem very inviting. The timber itself adds visual warmth to any scheme.

Can you tell us more about the fireplace surround?

Around the fireplace is a curved wall that has been covered in a unique hand-trowelled plaster finish that we created in collaboration with our plasterer, Adam from Dope Deco. Essentially, we used a very thick plaster which Adam then trowelled by hand using a very wide combed hairbrush which gives it its organic wavy lineal lines that move across the wall horizontally and continue around the curve.

Now that the renovation is finished, what is the verdict on the fireplace?

I really feel that this fireplace is the heart of our home. The first thing I do every morning is to turn on the Escea fireplace and enjoy a morning cup of tea in front of it. I always end the day curled up on the couch with my family, watching a movie on the TV with the fire glowing below. It is such a lovely heat that we run it all day long during the winter months.


“The selection and installation were both seamless and I would recommend the Escea DS Series Gas Fireplaces to anyone re-designing or building a new home.” - Nina

Find out more about the Escea DS1400 double-sided gas fireplace here.

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