Symphony of Fire: Introducing the 2024 Escea DF Series

Symphony of Fire: Introducing the 2024 Escea DF Series

The Escea DF Series has long been a favourite amongst Kiwi homeowners, famed for its versatility and favoured by renovators for its timeless design and flexible installation. And it’s just got even better.

Escea’s team of skilled engineers and designers have applied industry-leading innovation to bring you the enhanced 2024 Escea DF Series for the most realistic fireplace experience – delivering wider, softer flames that are richer in colour, and a range of new lifelike fuelbeds that come together to emulate the look, feel and warmth of a real fire. Combined with Escea's innovative Direct Vent technology, flexible flues, and a wider range of surround materials to choose from, the 2024 Escea DF Series delivers a complete symphony of fire.

Escea's Bead Burner Technology: Bringing Campfire Flames to You

The 2024 DF Series boasts Escea's latest Bead Burner Technology. This new technology creates broader, softer flames, enriched with deeper colours that mimic the nature of a traditional fireplace burning – bringing the nostalgia of campfire flames into the comfort of your living room.


New Lifelike Fuelbeds: Setting the Scene

Inspired by the base of a freshly lit traditional wood fire, the Escea Splitwood fuelbed instantly sets the scene for relaxation and connection. Smouldering embers rest beneath a layered display of large lifelike logs that fill the entire firebox, capturing the depth and realism of a traditional wood fireplace – inviting you in, whether the fire is on or off.

For a modern look, the new Volcanic Rock fuelbed features a collection of textured, organic-shaped coals in a range of sizes. Choose from two colours - Natural for an earthy-inspired style, or Black for dramatic impact.

Installation & Design Flexibility: Adapts to You

Designed to replace a traditional open-fronted fireplace with a modern, highly efficient alternative, the DF range of insert fireplaces seamlessly fit into a brick chimney using flexi-flue extensions. Its streamlined, minimalist design won’t take away from heritage surrounds, ensuring the focus is strictly on the flames.

Not just for character homes, the DF Series can also be installed directly into a timber framing without the need for a cavity or even walls to install, making them just as suitable for modern new builds. Flues can run up, down, and even horizontally – giving you the flexibility to the DF Series in most places around the home.

With a Zero Clearance rating, the DF Series gives you even more freedom in selecting your fireplace's surround. From timber to wallpaper, you can also integrate this fire into a bespoke wall of cabinetry, and even place your TV just a small 200mm above.

Like all Escea indoor gas fireplaces, the Escea DF Series features Direct Vent Power Flue technology, ensuring that room air and exhaust air don’t mix. This helps with heat efficiency and keeps your home free of moisture and fumes.

A DF Series Fireplace for Every Home

View the gallery below for inspiration.

Available in three sizes and styles, the DF Series offers a fireplace suitable for every type of home.

Learn more about the DF700 and DF960 here, or the DFS730 Freestanding Gas Fireplace here.

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