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The Stuart Street Mac’s Brew Bar is the latest place to be. Having renovated its interior in a big way, the owners are hoping to draw a huge footfall especially during weekends and the upcoming festive season. The impressive interior is complemented by two Escea fireplaces used not only for their heating capacity but also to enhance the feel of different areas within the premises.



The interior wooden décor together with the trophy stag and deer heads lining the wall seems to transport one to an old world charm. The curious assortment of television sets on the other wall is another unique designing strategy that goes well with the bars ambience. The interior design was carried out by Kirsty Mitchell of Veneer Limited and the current owners of the bar are highly pleased with the results. They believe the framework of the bar with exposed concrete walls, kauri panelling, concrete bar top, and industrial styled over bar lighting, together with a distinct high colour and texture – green buttoned upholstery (reminiscent of your grandparents’ caravan), colourful fringed lampshades and Macs artwork make it a perfect place to unwind. Overall the décor feels welcoming, airy and comfortable – the ideal space for after work drinks and a chat with a long lost friend.



Greatly enhancing the look of the bar is the Escea DX1000 double sided fireplace positioned at the entrance; the stylish fireplace is definitely an attractive feature to welcome guests with. The heat duct technology of the fireplace pushes warm air via heat outlets (like the one located on the side of the column) throughout the room ensuring the heat is evenly distributed, thereby, imparting a cosy feel to patrons, even when the weather outside is cold. The fireplace can be seen by people walking down the road and hence, the spirit of hospitality is conveyed to a greater audience.



The main room is not the only treasure for visitors to the bar. At the back, there is also a smaller room with the feel of a hunter’s mountain lodge where people can conduct a never-ending conversation over their beverage while sitting around the ambient flame of the fireplace. The Escea fireplace used in this area with its river rock bed sits well with the rooms’ feel. The fireplace sitting side by side with wooden shelves creates the illusion that the guests are in bygone era.This model is a highly economic ST900 which is designed to add this special feel to any residential and commercial area which is evident in this bar.



Rachel Jones, the present owner, informs that the renovation of the bar took seven weeks to complete. Originally closed in July and then, moved to a new site on Lower Stuart Street. The new look sits perfectly in sync with the bars vibrant mood and the people who throng there. Mac’s brew bar is located in the university town of Dunedin’s Octagon and conveys the message of hospitality to weary men and women who would like to sip a drink and relax for a few moments after finishing work.



The rising footfalls at the bar do suggest that Rachel’s dream and objective behind its renovating have been successful. The place looks impressive from both inside and outside.


Stuart St Mac’s Brew Bar: www.stuartst.co.nz

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