4 Ways to Position your TV and Fireplace Together

4 Ways to Position your TV and Fireplace Together

Positioning your TV and gas fireplace together might sound pretty straightforward, but there are actually a few options to consider.  Depending on your space, the look and style you want along with existing floor plans and furniture layout, the options available to you will vary.

To help you decide, here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself first:

  • Have you got an existing fireplace, surround or mantel? Or are you building or installing a fireplace brand new?
  • Do you have to work around furniture, artwork or any built-in cabinets?
  • How big is the room? How much wall space is available?
  • How close can the TV get to the fire?
  • Do you want the TV visible or be able to hide it? What do you want the focus to be on?
  • What material or finishings are you surrounding the fireplace in? Is the material suitable for a TV?

If you’re building a brand new home or undergoing a major renovation, you’ll have the luxury of designing the layout from scratch. Apart from the size of the room (or budget!) there’s little holding you back.

If you’re working within the confines of an existing living space or chimney, your options might be a little more restricted.

As a starting point, not all gas fireplaces can have a TV positioned near them, so you’ll need to check this first. All Escea gas fires are Zero Clearance rated which means they can be surrounded in almost anything and have a TV positioned as little as 200mm above*. Escea makes them work together, not against each other.

To give you some ideas, we explain the 4 main ways to position your TV with your Escea fireplace.

1. To the Side

If wall space allows, positioning your TV to the side of your fireplace will visually lengthen the size of the room. It will also give the fireplace some breathing room and create negative space (which is great for reducing the distraction of TV and will enhance the fires ambience and impact). The TV and fire don’t compete, but rather complement each other.

And because the surround design isn’t reliant upon a TV, the fireplace can still be a feature in its own right – the world’s your oyster when it comes to choosing materials and finishings!

2. Above the Fireplace

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is ‘can I hang a TV above my fireplace?’ The beauty of all Escea gas fires is that we have an industry-leading minimum clearance of just 200mm above a TV*. This makes positioning the two directly on top of each other possible.

This position is ideal for most installations, especially for smaller rooms that don’t have a lot of wall space. Positioning the two appliances together will also draw your eye to one central spot, ensuring your focus and attention is on both the flames and TV, at the same time!

If you can’t decide between hanging art or TV above the fire, take a look at the Samsung Frame TV. Its ability to be disguised as art when off, makes it possible to have all three.

Learn more about matching your TV size to your fireplace here.

 3. Out of Sight

A position rising in popularity is the hidden TV. Thanks to innovative technology like Escea’s Zero Clearance, both the fireplace and TV can be built-in to custom cabinetry. This seamless installation means that when the TV isn’t in use, a sliding panel can conceal the television ensuring focus is strictly on the flames – no distractions with maximum ambience.

4. Freestanding

The nature of a freestanding fire means you can’t actually put a TV above it because the flue might get in the way. Instead you can position it to the side – either wall mounted, perched on the hearth, or sitting on a cabinet.

While the exposed flue visually heightens a room, a TV to the side of the firebox will provide an anchor in the room, and create balance between the two appliances. The freestanding fire also works well with freestanding televisions, like the new Samsung Serif.

DFS730_Adam Taylor Architect_Image Simon Devitt

Escea DFS730 | Design by Adam Taylor Architects | Image by Simon Devitt

DFS730_Clare Cousine Architect_Image Tess Kelly

Escea DFS730 | Design by Clare Cousins | Image by Tess Kelly Photography

Now you can purchase Escea fireplaces and Samsung The Frame TVs together at selected retailers in New Zealand and Australia. Learn more about the bundle deal here.

For more on matching your TV size to your Fireplace, download our size guide below:

Download the TV & Fireplace Size Guide Here

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