Introducing the Escea KS55 Gas Fireplace Range to North America

Introducing the Escea KS55 Gas Fireplace Range to North America

A whole new world of design possibilities awaits.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, we’re excited to bring our highly efficient, innovative, and beautiful gas fireplace range to North America.

Featuring the latest in gas fireplace technology combined with Escea’s minimalist design, the Escea KS55 Gas Fireplace Range gives you a whole new world of design possibilities – with Zero Clearance and Powered Direct Vent technology, you can now imagine your fireplace, anyplace – the only limit is your imagination.

With four models to choose from in the KS55 Range – Glass or Mesh Barrier in both single sided and see-through options, there’s a fireplace to suit any type of home, project, or style.

The next big thing in fireplace design is here, and we can’t wait to tell you why…

1.       Design Freedom with Powered Direct Vent Technology

The Escea KS55 Glass and Mesh Barrier features Powered Direct Vent technology – innovative fireplace technology that’s changing the way North America specifies, designs and installs fireplaces.

This technology means that the venting can run vertically, horizontally, and even under the floor – making even the most ambitious fireplace designs now possible. Hutch-style or under-bench fireplace installs are now a main-stay in the architecture and design world.


2.       Complete Surround Choice with a Zero Clearance Rating

With a Zero Clearance rating, the Escea KS55 Glass and Mesh Barrier lets you choose whatever surround you want, wherever and however you want it.

Unlike most gas fireplaces, Escea fireplaces can be installed with combustible materials adjacent to the fireplace – even wood. So, what does this mean for you? You can surround this fireplace in almost any material you can think of and place your TV just a minimal 8 inches above. It also means you can build the fireplace directly into bespoke cabinetry for integrated ambiance, warmth, and home entertainment.

3.       Fireplace Media Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the beautiful, rugged and remote landcapes of New Zealand, the Escea KS55’s media gives you the most lifelike flames and real wood fireplace experience.

Choose from three fireplace media options – Traditional Logs and Riverbed, or Crushed Glass for a modern aesthetic.

4.       Double the Appeal – Available in Single Sided and See-through Models

Visually connect two adjoining spaces with the See-through Escea KS55 Glass or Mesh Barrier. Create a flame-framed window right into the next room, or a show-stopping room divider that commands attention like nothing you’ve seen before.

Just as easy to install as the Single Sided Escea KS55, this see-through gas fireplace is sure to start a conversation, or two.

5.       Direct Warmth – for heat where you want it.

Most other gas fireplaces require complex ducting and vents – but not the Escea KS55 Mesh Barrier fireplace.

All the heat generated by this fireplace comes directly out the front of the fire, making it efficient and easy to install. And there’s no additional room vents required, and no compromise on your design.

*Available on the KS55 Mesh Barrier only

6.       Mesh Barrier for complete peace of mind, and improved flame picture.

Available in both a Glass and Mesh Barrier finish, you get to choose what’s most important to you.

Unlike most other gas fireplaces with heavy protection screens, Escea's Mesh Barrier screen is a light matte material that improves the flame picture by reducing glare and reflections – so you can really focus on the flames.

*Available on the KS55 Mesh Barrier only

7.       Completely frameless

With a frameless finish and low reflection glass, the Escea KS55 offers a sleek and modern look that becomes one with the wall, making it perfect for both newbuilds and modern alterations.

Make a show-stopping design feature, or let it blend seamlessly into the bones of the home, as if it had always been there.

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