Ask Alex: 5 Simple Tips for Working from Home

After returning from the Sydney Home Show where Escea was exhibiting earlier this month, as a precaution Escea’s Lead Designer Alex Hodge has been self-isolating at home. 

Alex has continued to design from his spare lounge, which is just a few minutes drive from the Escea’s Head Office and factory in Dunedin.

We asked Alex to share what he’s learnt so far, and his best tips for working from home.



If you can, set up your work area somewhere that isn’t where you’ll be spending your evenings.

Since you’re in the same building all day and night, zoning your areas to create a designated work environment helps to put you into ‘work mode’, and helps you switch off when you leave it. It’s true when they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room and perhaps your only option is the dining table, try minimising office clutter by only having what you actually need on your new ‘desk’ for that particular day. That way you won’t get piles of paper and notes flying around, and it will be easier to tidy when you clock off for the day too.



Stick to the same break times as you would at work to keep in routine, and leave the work area to get a change of scenery. It’s really tempting to grab some snacks from the kitchen but do your best to leave this to break times.



Get outside as often as you can. You’ll get cabin fever pretty quickly if you don’t – I’ve been walking the dog at lunchtime to get some vitamin D and fresh air. 



Treat your home work space like it’s the office, and stick to your normal morning routine as you would if you were leaving the house.

It can be hard getting up in the morning when you know you don’t physically have to leave home. Get up at your usual time and get dressed. I’ve been having video calls with my team every morning at 8.30am - it really helps having a deadline and I know I have to be dressed!


WFH_5_Stay connected

Missing the banter and break chats is pretty tough, so make sure you don’t fully isolate yourself and keep in touch with your workmates, friends and family either by message or call. Our team has embraced Skype and it’s working really well for group chats and phone calls so far. 

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