How Samsung’s The Frame TV 4.0 is Transforming Living Rooms

At last, a solution for your living room that means you can have flames, ambience and entertainment together, on the same wall.

There’s no need to compromise on style or warmth anymore because Samsung’s The Frame TV and Escea’s DS fireplace can be placed together, making your living room the best place to relax, unwind, keep warm and be entertained.

Is it art, or TV?

escea x samsung ds1400 920px 6The Samsung Frame TV is designed to look just like a picture frame, allowing it to blend into your home’s existing décor.

With the perfect balance of form and function, the latest evolution of The Frame from Samsung blurs the lines between technology and design. It’s television when on, and art when off. And the latest release, The Frame 4.0, is better than ever before.

The beauty of The Frame is its ability to blend into your existing home décor by ‘disguising’ itself as art when it’s turned off. This means when you’re not watching TV, you can display your favourite pieces of artwork, albeit digitally.

escea x samsung ds1400 920px 5When the TV is off while in Art Mode, you can display digital artworks from The Frame’s own Art Store filled with hundreds of masterpieces.

Like its name suggests, the television is designed to look like a picture frame – it sits flush on the wall and comes with bezels just like you’d find on an art gallery wall. The Frame also has the option of different bezel colours, so you can customise the frame to suit your style too.

The Frame 4.0 gives you access to an online art gallery, the Art Store, with 1200 pieces of designer art for you to choose from, plus the latest version comes with improved ambient light sensors that better adjust the image to a room’s conditions.

escea x samsung ds1400 920px 4The Frame TV comes with removable bezels and sits flush with the wall like a real piece of art.

Flame, meet Frame

What’s most exciting about The Frame is the way it brings TV and art together with the warmth and ambience of an Escea gas fireplace.

escea x samsung ds1400 920pxThanks to Escea’s Zero Clearance technology, The Frame TV can be placed just 200mm above the fireplace.

Most Escea indoor fireplaces have just a small 200mm minimum TV clearance which means The Frame can be positioned just above the firebox. This is because of Escea’s Zero Clearance technology which means the wall around your fireplace stays cool enough to handle most materials. So, you can enjoy either entertainment or art, and flickering flames all in the one place.

escea x samsung ds1400 920px 2See the Samsung Frame TV and Escea DS gas fireplace on display at your nearest Escea x Samsung Dealer.

Find out more about matching your TV size to your fireplace here or see the two together at an exclusive Samsung x Escea retailer near you.

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