Escea Gas Fireplaces

Double Sided Gas Fireplace

Escea offers a wide range of gas fireplaces for new build and renovated homes across Australia and New Zealand.

Double Sided Gas Fires

Why Escea? 

1) Energy efficient gas fireplaces 
2) High performance with ambience
3) Intelligent smartphone control 
4) Versatile installation options

Form and Function

Why choose between good looks and performance? With Escea fireplaces there's no need to compromise. You get an efficient, powerful and high perfoming gas fireplace that is sleek, minimalist and modern. 

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Smart Heating

Smart Heat Fireplaces

Escea's unique Smart Heat control system achieves optimal operation for a more efficient burn. Control your gas fireplace with your smartphone or remote, for the perfect temperature all the time. 

Flexible Flue Install

Flexible Installation Options

Escea's flexible flues can be run in any direction - up, down, or even sideways. This gives you the freedom to design your space creatively. Whether you want an island fireplace in the middle of the room, or one surrounded by shelves - the choice is yours.

To find further inspiration and ideas for your future outdoor fireplace install, browse through our gallery or get in contact with a retailer in your area to see one of our fires.

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