A Modern Abode: Benji & Zoe Marshall’s Family Home Connection

A Modern Abode: Benji & Zoe Marshall’s Family Home Connection

What started out as a small-scale renovation for Benji & Zoe’s Marshall’s family home in Sydney, soon evolved into a full-scale home transformation.

They initially set out to replace the home’s dated flooring, but once the new Italian flooring was laid, Zoe says, “There was no turning back!”.

The project however provided them with an opportunity to reflect on their surroundings, finding ways to keep them connected to their New Zealand roots and bring personal meaning into their new family home.

“Benji is Kiwi, and our kids are half Kiwi, so it’s really important that we create those connections around the home. And the fireplace was another great way we could do that.” – Zoe

For their two living spaces – a functional open-plan family room, and a formal lounge – they chose two Escea DS Series Gas Fireplaces.

“I’d had my eye on an Escea fireplace for years, so I was excited to finally include them in my home – not just because they looked good, but I knew they were really efficient too.” – Zoe

A Touch of Elegance

Benji and Zoe’s formal living space greets you with an Escea DS1150 Gas Fireplace with a simple yet elegant porcelain stone surround – a focal point that’s subtle, but impressive.

Delivering on a practical level with its heat output, efficiency, and easy installation, the DS1150 was the perfect choice for Benji & Zoe's formal lounge. Bringing warmth, comfort, and style to their family home – it’s comfortable and captivating all at once.

“We wake up to warmth and love the instant heat, day and night, while the efficiency of the fireplaces are great too.” says Benji & Zoe


Family Flame-Watching

For the main living space, the family chose the Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace. The fire's frameless design perfectly matches their contemporary home decor and seamlessly blends into the custom joinery surround, made possible thanks to Escea’s Zero Clearance and Flexible Flue technology.

Escea’s industry-low TV clearance meant they could place the television directly above the fireplace, and enjoy TV and flame-watching in one sweet spot.

The renovated open-plan living area in Benji & Zoe’s home features the frameless Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace surrounded with vertical timber panelling.

A traditional but modern family living space is delivered by the Traditional Log fuelbed, deep side shelving, and feature stone hearth, creating a warm inviting space.


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Explore the DS Series

Explore the DS Series

The DS Series has taken away everything you don’t need for a minimalist look that focuses on the flame. Learn more about the DS Series Gas Fireplaces featured in Zoe & Benji's home here. 

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