Nina Maya’s Double Sided Fireplace Design

Nina Maya’s Double Sided Fireplace Design

Recently interior designer Nina Maya took us through her beautiful Palm Beach holiday house (if you missed the home tour, you can catch it here). At the centre of the main living area, a double sided Escea DX1000 divides two spaces, creating a stunning room feature.

Q+A with Nina

Why did you choose your Escea fireplace? I always use Escea in my clients home as I love the sleek frameless look of the DX Series models so I was so excited to be able to feature one in my new home.

What made you go gas instead of wood? We had a wood fireplace for many years and never ended up using it as much as we would have liked to as we kept running out of firewood! I chose gas for the ease of pushing a button and having an immediate effect.

What fuelbed did you choose and why? I chose the stones for a minimalist look that suited the beautiful beach back drop.

How does your family use the fireplace and the living room the fireplace is in? It is the first thing we switch on when coming home during winter, as it warms the whole house in an instant! We love curling up on the lounge next to it and settling in for a movie night with a good bottle of wine.

Talk us through the install and design… I designed the whole wall around this fireplace. As the aesthetic of the house is clean and minimal I chose a large format black porcelain tile to create a black band across the width of the wall framing the fireplace to really draw the eye to it! The rest of the wall we sheeted and painted white to create a very smooth finish.

The height of the fire might look unusual at first, but makes total sense when you sit down on the sofa – you can see the ocean through the flames.

Finally, who is the ‘fire hogger’ in your family? My nephew Hugo, he loves getting up close and watching the flames dance across the stones!

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