Summer at Home: 6 Ideas for Getting the Family Together this Summer

This summer, we’re staying home. We’re connecting with friends and family, we’re slowing down, and we’re enjoying the little moments.

2020 has been a lot of things but if anything, it’s been a reminder to reset and refocus.

In uncertain times and when overseas travel is all but ruled out; we’re fortunate to have such beautiful big back yards to explore with loved ones and bring us back to a simpler way of life.  

If you’re getting ready for a summer at home, we’ve put together some ideas for how to switch off and reconnect with the important people in your life.

1. Host a Cocktail Night

You don’t need to be on the beaches of Bali to enjoy some refreshing cocktails (or mocktails) this summer. Whether you fancy a crisp Margarita or you’re cleansing the pallet with an Espresso Martini, there are plenty of online recipes to help you out! Or, have them delivered straight to your door by Cocktail Collective.

And, you don’t have to leave the house to dress for the occasion - slip into your Sunday best and enjoy some quality time with family.

2. The Classic Kiwi Campfire 

The Escea EP1350 Fire Table in Fire Mode

There’s nothing better for the soul than a classic Kiwi campfire – there’s something about the crackle of wood and soothing flames that just lures you into long nights of conversation and connection.   

With the Escea Fire Table, you get the wholesome experience of an old-school campfire, without the all the smoke and the charred remains on your lawn.

With its own grill plates and kebab holder, the EP1350 also doubles as a 360° cooking experience. Think teppanyaki, or a Korean BBQ but in your own backyard. Get the whole family involved in trying out some of our favourite recipes. Then when the cooking is done, the table transforms into a roaring campfire, accompanying you into the wee hours – don’t forget the marshmallows!

3. Backyard Camping

It’s a summer classic – leave your devices inside and set up for a night of family bonding in the backyard.  

Backyard camping gets you into nature and enjoying the outdoors, with the convenience of having basic amenities close by – it’s a win-win.  After an alfresco dinner and some campfire action – huddle inside for a few rounds of UNO, or some traditional scary stories straight from the ‘Dad’s handbook’.

In the morning, wake up with the sun and enjoy a cup of coffee while the birds sing – the best part of camping!


4. Get a Dose of Nature

In New Zealand, we’re lucky to have so much incredible nature to explore, right on our doorsteps.  From the rugged coasts to the lush forests and mountainous ranges – we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to day walking.  It’s a great way to get the kids (and ourselves) away from those insistent devices  – if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out New – they can point you towards a great walk within your area and time limit, at a pace that’s fit for the whole family.

Image: Fraser Clements 

5. Head to the Beach

Pack a bag, pile the kids and the dog into the car and head to the ocean. There’s something for everyone – from sandcastles to surfing or even shell collecting. Before the sun starts setting – dip to the local chippy for supplies and enjoy some chip butties while the waves role in for the night.

Image: Adam Bryce

6. Soak in the Great Outdoors

Literally - whether you have an old cast iron tub, a spa or a woodfire hot tub, outdoor bathing is the ultimate way to relax and unwind - either on your own or with your significant other.  An outdoor bath is a great addition to your backyard, it creates a unique space which looks great but it also functional. For tips on choosing and installing an outdoor bath, check out this helpful blog by homes to love.

Image: homes to love; bloglovin

There are definitely worse places to be stuck while air crafts are grounded, with so much to do and see in NZ (Aussie), and so much space to slow down in – we’re looking forward to quality time with family, exploring our backyards and a spending summer at home.


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