Which DF Series gas fire is right for you?

Which DF Series gas fire is right for you?

If you’ve found your way onto this page you’ve likely been impressed by our DF Series of gas fireplaces. Maybe it’s the flexible installation and design freedom that’s caught your interest, or maybe you’re taken with its classic, yet contemporary look. Either way, we’re happy to have you here.

The DF Series is famous for its retrofit abilities and is loved for its innovative, modern technology. But, while each fire in the series boasts smart heat, flexible flues, five-star efficiency, and zero-clearance – they do have some distinct differences.

So which Escea DF Series fireplace is right for you? Let us make some introductions…

The DF700

“The retrofit fire”

Ripe for retrofit, the DF700 is a small fire with a big purpose - to restore old open fireplaces and give them a new life.

The modest shape and size of the DF700 makes it a perfect fit for most existing fireplace cavities – and using Escea’s flexible flue technology it can be flued right up the existing chimney.

So, if you’re looking to bring warmth back into the room – you’ve found your fire.



The DF960

“Made for renovators”

For those looking for a timeless look with the very best in modern technology, the DF960 is for you. With its minimalist design, it works seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional living rooms – with a classic look that’s sure to age well.

With its slim firebox, it’s a great retrofit option, while also being a favourite for modern builds and renovations.

So, whether you’re paying homage to heritage, or looking for a timeless classic – the DF960 is for you.



The DF990

“Your heritage hero” 

The latest in the DF Series, the DF990 is your heritage hero, or your modern muse.  With a grand height worthy of the high ceilings found in period homes, and a pared-back design that lends itself to the most contemporary designs.

Boasting a large, square firebox, with a traditional logs and ember fuelbed, this fire has all the authenticity of a wood fire burning. 



The DFS730

“The design chameleon”

The DFS730 is our freestanding gas fireplace. Designed to channel the industrial charm of a wood fire, with the efficiency and convenience of a gas fire.

We call the DFS our style chameleon because it looks just as good in a villa or bungalow as it does in a modern city or loft – the anchoring design of an exposed flue gives you a nurturing nostalgia, while its sleek, slimline design will stand the test of time.

It’s a pretty relaxed fire really – it fits into tight spaces, close to walls and on any floor surface without the need for a hearth. It’s such a cool character in fact, its body is cool to touch too - making it safe for little fingers and paws.


If one of these fires ticks the boxes for you – find out where to get your hands on one here

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