Why Renovators Love the Escea DF Series

Why Renovators Love the Escea DF Series

Whether you’re refurbishing a character home, extending your space with a modern extension, building anew, or simply looking to update your existing fireplace, you’ve come to the right place – the DF Series was made with renovators like you in mind.

The series includes four models, each addressing different design challenges – making it Escea’s most versatile series, and the best retrofittable gas fire on the market. 

What’s so versatile about the DF Series you ask? Well…


Smaller dimensions make this fire a great fit for replacing open wood or gas fireplaces with a new and efficient gas fire. With three in-built sizes available, you’re bound to find one that fits your needs just perfectly.

Flexible flues

 All our DF Series fireplaces feature Escea’s flexible flue technology, allowing them to be flued in any direction – through walls, under the floor or directly up an existing fireplace chimney. 


Room Sealed

Like all Escea indoor gas fireplaces, the DF Series are room-sealed, direct vented units – so the room air and the firebox air do not mix. Not only is this more efficient, but it keeps you and your family safe from nasty fumes.


Zero Clearance

Escea is passionate about design – that’s why we remove limitations wherever we can. Zero Clearance technology allows our fireplaces to be clad in almost any material. From stone or tiles to timber, and even wallpaper.   

Meaning you can dare to design – however you like.



Large window of flame

One of the most alluring features of the DF Range is the large glass window – giving you front row seats to the best flame-show on the market.


Mantel Surround

Each of our DF Series gas fireplaces have the option of a mantel surround for those who want the old-world charm of a traditional fireplace surround, but with all the benefits of a modern gas fireplace. 

Smart heat

Just like you, all fires in the DF Series are well connected. Offering Smart Heat technology so you can control the fireplace from your mobile, wherever you are.

5-star energy rating

Not only do all DF Series fires pump out a generous amount of heat, its efficient heat too.  In fact, with a 5-star energy rating it’s some of the most efficient heat you can get. 


But while the DF Series have all of this in common, they do have some differences. Get better acquainted with the Escea DF Series here.

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