Escea Fireplaces were made for creating beautiful moments in time. Whether that's time spent with family, or time to yourself.

Discover Escea's range of gas fireplaces this winter, made for beautiful warmth.

Explore the Escea DF Series

Popular with renovators, Escea's DF Series is our most versatile gas fireplace range. Made for integrating effortlessly into any home or lifestyle.

Escea Feature: Escea DF700

Escea DF700.

A compact fireplace, perfect for retrofit, with Escea’s Bead Burner Technology and Splitwood fuelbed that mimics the nature of a real fireplace burning.

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Escea Feature: Escea DF960

Escea DF960.

A timeless classic and renovator’s friend suited to a range of modern and traditional interiors, featuring Escea’s Bead Burner Technology and Splitwood fuelbed for the most realistic fireplace experience.

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Escea Feature: Escea DF990

Escea DF990.

A Heritage Hero with a grand height, the feature fireplace of choice for the highest ceilings typically found in villas creating an authentic burning fire.

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Escea Feature: DFS730


A contemporary freestanding gas fireplace, ideal for tighter spaces in a classic woodfire style, complete with Escea’s Bead Burner Technology and Splitwood fuelbed for softer, richer flames.

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Orton House 2.0

Home Tour: Orton House 2.0

The Orton Family are back at it with a warehouse converted duplex in New South Wales featuring two Escea DF960 gas fireplaces. Take a look inside this stunning, contemporary renovation that was built for modern family living.

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Explore the Escea DS Series

Escea's modern and minimalist DS Series gas fireplace is flexible, frameless, and famed for its limitless design freedom. Available single and double sided.

Escea Feature: Escea DS1150

Escea DS1150.

More for less.

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Escea Feature: Escea DS1400

Escea DS1400.

Our minimalist muse.

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Escea Feature: Escea DS1650

Escea DS1650.

A wall of flames.

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Escea Feature: Escea DS1900

Escea DS1900.

Taking linear to new lengths.

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Bunker House

Home Tour: Bunker House

Design and build company owner Neil Hipwell, builds his family’s own home on the New South Wales south coast. Neil opted for the flexibility of the Escea DS1650 to achieve his dream living room that would provide comfort for his young family, without compromising on design.

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Game time

Get lost in time with Escea's favourite fireside puzzles - perfect for the whole family, or time on your own.

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Beautiful Warmth.

Whether you're looking for the versatility of the DF Series, or the seamless flexibility of the DS Series, with Escea's range of indoor gas fireplaces you get beautiful warmth, anytime.

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