Single Sided Gas Fires

DX1500 gas fireplace single sided, traditional decor

Escea has combined both beauty and function with their award winning single sided fireplace designs.

Our gas fires work with both modern and traditional decor with customisable fascias, powered direct vent system and the latest smart phone controls.

See what Escea has to offer your home.

DS1400 gas fire with chair

DS Series

The DS Series has a small footprint and a big impact - the fire is frameless, drawing your eye straight to the flames. With a large window, the single sided DS Series gives you a clear view of the generous fuel bed.

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DX Series

The DX Series combines ultra-wide flame action with Escea’s Heat Ducting Technology, which provides heat into several rooms and evenly distributes heat within the same room.

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DL1100 Gas Fire Within Open Room

DL Series

The DL Series combines award winning design with high efficiency - both fires were finalists in the 2013 Best Design Awards. These fires deliver heat efficiently but are quieter than other similarly-sized gas fireplaces.

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ST900 roomset with artwork above

ST Series

This silently-running indoor fireplace uses a third of the energy of an equivalent open fire. The ST900 is designed to use as an additional heat source for centrally-heated rooms, making it perfect for smaller rooms such as offices or bedrooms.

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Freestanding Gas Fire In Roomset

DFS Series

The freestanding DFS730 is designed as a modern gas fire replacement for an existing freestanding woodburner, or for installing into a room where you do not have enough wall space for an inbuilt fireplace.

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DF gas fire within roomset

DF Series

Escea had renovators in mind when they designed the DF Series. Smaller dimensions and flexible installation make the DF Series ideal for retrofitting into existing cavities.

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