How to Achieve Contemporary Seaside Serenity

This impressive beachside residence won a spot in the Trends Top 30 index, and for good reason! The award-winning architect Lindy Leuschke responded to the semi-suburban beach setting by creating a light and airy home that takes advantage of its spectacular and breathtaking surroundings.
The owners wanted to maximise their ownership of such a prime piece of real estate and the focus of this project was on making the most of the location and building a spacious open home with an outstanding view. The large expanse of glass ensures there is no visual interruption between indoors and outdoors creating an even flow throughout.The living area is elevated above the ground by 1.8 metres in order to maximise the views of the sea. The two master suites are ideally positioned in prime spots with optimal views of the ocean, an environment to be truly admired.
In order to maintain the clean aesthetic in contrast to the dramatic backdrop, a pared back selection of materials was used, including wood, steel, glass and concrete. These were left exposed in order to create a rustic look in keeping with the beach surroundings.

Although largely designed around life at the beach, for the house to be enjoyed on cooler days and during winter, an Escea fire was included to provide a cosy ambience in the main living area. This fireplace is the heart of the home, giving it a warm allure that draws you into the inviting living area.The overall design was influenced by the need to create a space outdoors that was sheltered from the elements while also having a modern homely feel. The house is built around a semi-enclosed central courtyard which protects the inhabitants from the strong sea breezes which sometimes make their often chilly presence felt.

The spacious seaview bedroom with a Tarkett prefinished wood floor optimises the available light and scenery conducive to a restful siesta. The slick lines and generous use of glass complement the blue hue of the ocean which makes its presence felt in this area of the house.Comfortable outdoor living boasts an open Escea fireplace which is sympathetic to its surrounding elements. This outdoor living and entertainment area is charmingly secluded and shelters your guests from unpredictable wind gusts or sizzling sun rays. Imagine having a couple of relaxing drinks and great weekend banter with friends, while nestling in front of the gentle warmth of an outdoor fireplace – true luxury!The fresh sea air can be enjoyed in an outdoor lounge chair or from the bedroom balcony with a lush backdrop of the coastline. This edgy design provides the perfect contrast to the natural raw appeal of the beach and its atmosphere.

The plans are designed by Lindy Leuschke and feature a main axis which is defined frontally by a precast concrete blade wall, this divides the welcoming main entrance and the privacy of the adjoining guest suite. The house is positioned around a hospitable courtyard once again to resolve the challenge of wind gusts from the direction of the street entrance. The contemporary architectural design of this home conveys drama whilst also adding a casual tone to the house and its landscape.

With an ideal blend of isolation and homeliness this wonderful home and stunning location provides a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. What is achieved here is the subtle and enviable blend of casual beach lifestyle and secluded suburban living at its best.

Fire: DL850, EF5000

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